Things to do in the summer when you're bored at home

6:27:00 PM

Do you ever have those days during the Summer when none of your friends are available for fun plans and you get stuck at home and don't know what to do? Well, here are a few ideas on how to overcome boredom when you're stuck at home during the Summer!

1) Coloring - coloring is a lot of fun. You feel like a child again coloring away without a care in the world and while you're focused on that, you're not worrying about a million other things. Plus, it helps pass the time.

2) Make photo albums - organize all your photos and make albums to keep your best memories!

3) Declutter + organize your room or house. If you have time to spare and you're stuck at home, why not get all your chores and the organizing over with? When you do have plans, you'll be free to do them, without the burden of things you still have to get done weighing on you.

4) Prep awesome summer outfits - go on Pinterest, look at outfits and try to recreate them with your clothes. You can put the hangers for the pieces that go together next to each other and the next time you go out, you can just pick a ready-made outfit from your closet and get out of the house for some fun Summer times.
During the Summer we often change clothes - for beach, for the evening, etc. so we don't have that much time for outfit planning and clothes start getting messy so this is a good thing to do.

5) Experiment with different make-up looks at home to see if they work for next time you go out. If they don't work, you can just remove everything and you won't have to try it when you're pressed for time.

6) Go to the pool, if you have one at your house or somewhere in the neighborhood.

7) Read ALL THE BOOKS you were too busy during the school or work year to read.

8) Write down or plan a bucket list for the Summer - then, when you do go out you can get some fun ideas for plans from your list and make some great memories!

9) Make some money online to help with all the summer plans' expenses. There are various ways to make money online. Research for your preferred method and try to make some cash. When you have a whole month or a couple of months to party and travel and make plans with friends, you'll need the extra money!

10) Mani + pedi! Get ready for the Summer partying with a nice nail polish color.

11) Make some ice cream/sorbet - so refreshing!
12) Try out some DIY projects - eg. bracelets are a great Summer diy! 

13) Take up a new hobby! You can also work on one that you already have. Hobbies are great to help pass the time in a way that you feel you've been productive and that has been entertaining or even fulfilling to you.

14) Do the facial masks and treatments you've been saving for when you have some time.

15) Make your summer playlist - you'll need it for all the roadtrips and the beach parties!

What do you like to do when you're stuck at home during the Summer?

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