Review: Balanced app

6:31:00 PM

Today, we bring you a little review of an app called the Balanced app.

This is an app where you can list the things you want to achieve and how often you want to do them (eg. exercising twice a week).

It does have a limit of 5 tasks if you have a free account - if you want to be able to list more tasks, then you'll need to get a premium account.

The reason we decided to share this app with you guys is the fact that it reminds you to do the things you haven't done lately and according to the frequency you've set. 
When you complete certain tasks, the ones that you haven't done in a while or according to the frequency you set will go to the top of the list.

Also, if you allow notifications, the app will tell you that you should be thinking about getting a certain task done soon.

This is a great little app to remind you to do the tasks that you usually forget or neglect to do. And it's a great motivator!

Unfortunately, it's only available for download from Apple's app store.

Does anyone use this or any other similar app to stay organized and motivated?

(Disclaimer: this post isn't sponsored in any way).

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