What is Lomography?

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If you've never heard about lomography and want to know what it is, this post is for you. And if you know what it is and you want to get to know more about it and get started on this hobby, this post is also for you!

Lomography is the art of photographing on analogue or non-digital cameras (these can be instant cameras or film cameras - yes, like in the old days). 


We could say it's the vintage form of photography, without the digital aspect of it. But it's not just that!

The fun part of lomography is not just the analogue aspect of the cameras, but the use of specific cameras that create some great effects.

Basically, it all started with a little plastic camera with low quality and high light sensitivity (the Lomo LC-A) which created what we would say are really bad-quality pictures. However, the resulting effects of the light sensitivity were quite beautiful. And people fell in love with the artistry of it - almost the same way we fell in love with filters (the effects are similar in some cameras).
If you'd like to know more about how lomography came to exist, here's a little explanation of its origin (it's not boring history, we promise!)

Here is an example of the effects these cameras can produce:

After the hype started, a lot of new and similar cameras were produced. But today, there are also several cameras out there that allow for different effects. For example, there's the fisheye camera, that takes pictures in a circular shape. There are even lomographic movie cameras, nowadays!

Here are a few of the lomographic cameras. They're super cute!

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 A few of these cameras are a bit pricey but there are quite a few, like the Diana cameras that are cheap enough. There are even some DIY-cameras that you build yourself after you buy the parts, which sounds pretty awesome to me!

If you want to get more information on lomographic cameras, the photos they create or just learn more about the subject, Lomography.com is the most complete website on the subject. It is also an online community for lomographers where they can share their pictures.

Have you ever dabbled with lomography? What is your favorite lomographic camera?

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