Plan your outfits ahead with this outfit planner

12:21:00 AM

A while ago, we talked about how you can save time on fashion.

One thing you can do is plan a few outfits for the week ahead - prepare various outfits and put the pieces together in your closet, ready to be worn.

When the week begins and the rushed mornings arrive, you just have to pick the outfit you feel most like wearing or that is weather-appropriate for that day.

This seriously reduces stress in the morning because you don't waste so much time and you're less likely to be late.

 So, how would you actually go about preparing your outfits?

If you're not that creative when it comes to pairing clothes, you can check Pinterest to get a few out-of-the-box ideas or use an app, like IStyleMyself, where you can have pictures of all your clothes and it will create combinations for you (we talked about this app earlier on this post about 6 great iPhone apps).

Pinterest is a real goldmine when it comes to searching for outfits and street style, so we figured we'd share a board with you guys of a few awesome outfits that you can find around the internet. Hopefully it'll help you when picking out your outfits.

We'll keep updating this board with new outfits whenever we find some new awesome ones, so keep checking it for new stuff!

Happy outfit planning!

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  1. Love using Pinterest for outfit inspo! Normally I just throw on a pair of jeans and whatever sweater I touch first and that's what I wear to work haha!

    1. Pinterest makes everything easier! Thanks for reading :)