A Capsule Wardrobe

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Recently, there's been a lot of talk about capsule wardrobes.

We talked a bit about them on this post about how to spend less time and money on fashion, as a way to make your wardrobe lighter (and your wallet heavier). But capsule wardrobes can also allow for less clutter, more organization and, ultimately, less time spent staring at your closet in the morning and trying to figure out what to wear amidst dozens of pieces of clothing that you don't love.

The key to everything is to make life simpler and more enjoyable and a capsule wardrobe can do that for us.
We all know that we usually reach for the same pieces of clothing over and over again and we go crazy when they're still in the wash and we look at our stuffed closets and say, "I have nothing to wear". So, in reality, we don't need a lot more than those pieces that we usually reach for. 

The goal is to make a whole closet from only the type of clothes that we love to wear, every day. And if the clothes are fewer, then that means we can have better-quality clothes!

We've created a list of those essential pieces of clothing and planned a capsule wardrobe that you guys could get inspiration from.
We've focused on an elegant casual style, as that relates to everyone's wardrobe, depending on occasions.

Here is our winter capsule wardrobe suggestion:

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This whole wardrobe is made out of 38 pieces. You can choose a few more or a few less, depending on your needs.

As for accessories (bags, scarves and jewellery), these can be integrated into the capsule wardrobe as well or they can be free-to-buy, as they are what will allow you to create different looks even if you repeat an outfit.
If you work and have to dress in a more formal way on most days, but you wear casual clothes on weekends, you can make two smaller capsule wardrobes - one for casual days and another one for work. Or you can consider making a main capsule wardrobe and then have a few pieces on the side (a weekend uniform kind of thing - for example, jeans and a few more casual shirts). 

Have you ever thought of making a capsule wardrobe? What are your thoughts on this?

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