The 7 most important life lessons

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Today, we are talking a bit about the lessons life has to teach us!
Mistakes and going through the different things life throws at you really are the ways in which you learn. And learning is all that life is about. It enables you to do better and live the life you want for yourself.
Here are 7 lessons that are essential to living a happy and balanced life:

1. Always do your best
The most important rule in life is to always try your best at whatever you do. If you do anything less than your best, people will think that that's who you are. 
Your actions define you and the effort you put into whatever you're doing also defines you. The image that you pass onto other people is that you're not as good at your job or as good a student (or whatever it may be) as they might have thought. And worst of all, if this becomes your norm, you will start to believe it, too. 
So, get out of that rut and try your best at whatever you do! If procrastination is what's hurting you, check out this post about how to kick that bad habit to the ground, Tackling the Procrastination Problem.

2. Keep evolving
It is human nature to look at a new situation and immediately want to adapt to become comfortable where we are. People don't like feeling uncomfortable, but comfort usually means they are ready for bigger challenges. Whatever you do, you should always try to evolve, be it by trying something new or just increasing your knowledge in a certain subject. Getting out of your comfort zone is really important, because it doesn't let you give in to fear of failure or that fear that sometimes is only shyness. The more you practice this, the less you'll fear it.

3. Let it go
Even if you do your best, things can and will go wrong sometimes. But you should not let that bring you down. Your goals are still your goals and no one nor any situation means that you can't reach them.
If you're one of those people who has the tendency to go over certain situations in their head over and over again, especially if they feel like they said something stupid or if they went through an awkward situation, just know this: time will not go back and your impression of yourself is the only thing that matters because that's what people will see about you.
+So, learn to let things like this go, for your sake and the sake of your goals.

4. Regrets only last as long as you let them.
You obviously can't turn back time, but if there's something you wish you'd done at a certain point in life and you can still do it, then do it! Don't think you're too old for something or that the time has passed and it's not worth it, now. It is worth it, if it'll make you happy or make you feel better about that situation. If you can't do anything about it, break free from your regrets. All you can do is learn from them.

5. Toxic friendships are a big no-no.
Friends that always seem to find a way to let you down or insert a random negative comment or veiled insult in your conversations are just not the thing you need when you're trying to do your best and reach your goals. They'll often manage to bring you down only to feel better about themselves and you'll later realize how much you let pass you by because of their negativity. Sometimes, disconnecting from some people really is for the best - especially, when they're not on your team.

6. Don't take things for granted
When we achieve something or when we have something or someone, we tend to think it'll always be there. But if you don't keep working on it, it might not be there anymore, someday!
Not taking things for granted is a very important thing to keep in mind: the people in your life, your/others' health, your position (job position, for example) won't always be there. Bearing this in mind, it's important to stay close to the people that are important to us and treat them well and to always monitor your health and have good habits. Besides that, you should always keep working on your objectives and showing your value when it comes to your professional goals and ambitions.

7. Stay positive
If you're doing your best and trying to reach your goals as fiercely as you can, you need to stay positive to be able to keep up that effort and manage the disappointment when you don't quite reach them. It'll happen, but someday the good things will also happen, if you just keep working on it and keep believing it. Staying positive is the glue that makes all these pieces fall into place.

All in all, life is about doing your own thing and learning from the ups and downs you face along the way.

What lessons have you learned? 

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