Spend less time + money on fashion and more on life!

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In general, girls care a lot about what they wear and whether they look good or not. It's easy to find yourself staring at your closet every morning for quite a while, not knowing what to wear, even though you have lots of clothes in there. And then, inevitably, you end up having to rush to get ready and out of the house to avoid being late.

But have you ever wished you could feel and look just as great without spending so much time thinking about what to wear or so much money shopping for new clothes?

Here are some tips that might help:

  • Pick out your outfits in advance:

    A good idea is to prepare your outfit the night before. That will leave you more time to get ready in the morning without having to rush and you don't have all that pressure of having to pick something in a limited amount of time (which usually makes it faster).
    You can also prepare various outfits before the week begins. That way, when you wake up each day, you can choose whichever outfit you feel more like wearing on that day and you're good to go for the whole week.

    If you have trouble picking out what to wear because you want to mix it up a little or you're tired of wearing the same combinations over and over, you can search outfits online - Pinterest is great for that - or use one of the various fashion apps that are out there (some even allow you to add photos of your own clothes and create outfits with them!).
    Also, remember to check the weather report for the week or the next day so you don't end up picking out an outfit that you'll have to change at the last minute.

  • Organize your closet:

    Sometimes, we feel like we don't have anything to wear because our closets are so stuffed that we can't see our clothes properly and we don't even remember we have a certain piece of clothing stored somewhere. Try to organize it and clean out the clutter by tossing or donating the pieces that you no longer wear. Organizing your closet is also a great way to get a fresh start for a new season!

  • Simplify your closet:

    A good way to spend less time thinking of what to wear is to reduce the amount of clothes you have to choose from and only keep those that you really like. In fact, you don't really need much else, except for certain pieces for special occasions, since we always have our go-to pieces (you know, the ones that we always end up wearing even though we have more choices!).

    Some people have mastered this skill by creating what are commonly called 'capsule wardrobes'. The idea is essentially to limit the pieces of clothing in your closet to a certain (usually reduced) number. This then allows you to wear only the pieces that you really like and to mix and match them to create various different outfits. And because you love those pieces so much, you always feel awesome in them! Have you tried a capsule wardrobe?

  • Buy fewer and better pieces of clothing:

    Don't try to go with every trend and buy every piece that's in fashion these days. Not everything looks good on everyone, even if it's in fashion. Buy those things you like and that fit your body shape and you'll usually end up wearing them for longer than just the few months that it was in fashion. Also, this will allow you to buy slightly better pieces of clothing, which is a plus because nobody likes wearing itchy fabrics or buying a piece of clothing they really like and only be able to wear it a handful of times before it gets worn out. Buying less, even though it might be better quality, will allow you to save money and your clothes will most likely last longer.

  • Buy comfortable clothes:

    If you buy a piece of clothing that is uncomfortable, no matter how awesome it looks, you will most likely not wear it more than a few times, which will result in it being a waste of money.

  • Use promotions or go to outlet stores:

    If there's a sale or a coupon deal and you really want or need a piece of clothing, why not take advantage of it? Try to organize your shopping trips on sales periods – your wallet will thank you!

    Also, if you have an outlet store anywhere near you, you should really take advantage of it. I love these places as you can sometimes find great deals on products from expensive brands just because they're last season and didn't sell out. You'll have an item that’s great quality and it'll have cost you a lot less than the original price, which is totally worth it! 

  •  Check out the kids' section:

    If you're petite, some pieces of clothing from the kids' section will probably fit you. There are some great pieces there that don't look like children's clothes, as sometimes there is even the same version on the adults' section. The plus: they're usually half the price!
That's all for today! If you have any other tips or ideas, we'd love to know about them!

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