Our 7 favorite iPhone apps

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On the subject of saving time and enjoy life a little more, apps can really help us. If you're lost, you can just find your way back easily with a GPS app, without having to stress about it, which you might have done if you didn't have a phone. Or they can be quick and easy alternatives to use in your daily life, like many dictionary apps, for example.

Here is a list of our favorite apps:

Sometimes you just want to take a quick picture of something to show a friend where you are or something that you're seeing and Snapchat is a great app for that. It doesn't store the pictures or videos on your phone and you can send and receive them without taking up space in your photo gallery. Also, it's quicker than sending an image via multimedia message (which also might make you spend money) or email or Facebook, so it does the trick well! And you can send the photo to multiple people at once, just as quickly!

On the post about spending less time and money on fashion, we talked about how a good way to waste less time picking out your outfits in the morning is by planning them ahead or using an app that can show you outfit ideas and copying them or taking ideas. IStyleMyself does just that - you can take photos of your clothes and store them in the app and then it'll generate outfits for you, using your clothes or clothes from stores' websites (depending on the search criteria you pick when you search outfits). And if you like an outfit it generated, you can slide to the right to 'like' it and the app will save that outfit on a favorites section. If you hate it, you can just slide left and it'll discard it and show you another one. It does wonders to help you in the morning when you're trying to quickly figure out what to wear!

This app is really useful if you're learning a new language or traveling somewhere and you need a dictionary/translator. It has lots of different language options, which allows you to translate whatever you need and it's really easy to use!

Pinterest is an obvious one. Whether you need to procrastinate a little, look for a recipe to make, search workout routines, motivational quotes, puppy images or just look at outfits before getting dressed in the morning, it will do the trick!

5. Layout
Layout is an awesome app. There are several apps like this, nowadays, but this one is the official Instagram one. It creates collages of multiple pictures that it gets from your gallery and then you can just save it and either post it on social media or even print it on your computer and pin it on your wall or use it for scrap-booking a trip you had or an event you went to - the possibilities are endless! It is also really easy to use and you can adapt the sizes and divisions between the images however you like. It's great!

Spotify is a great option for music lovers if you don't have too much memory on your phone or you don't want to pay for music and download it on iTunes. You can just listen to playlists on Spotify and you can make your own playlists from your favorite songs, as well. The free version has a few ads in between the music and you can't pick a specific song you want to play, you just have to play the playlist in shuffle and there's a limited number of times you can skip to the next song in a row - but, hey, it's free! If you get the premium version, you can get rid of all these limitations.
Timetable is a great little app where you can insert your weekly class schedule and it'll tell you what your next class is and when and where it is, if you add this information on each class's description box. You'll be able to see this on the daily calendar menu (the one that you scroll down from the top of the screen). It's super practical when you're in school and you have to go from one class to another and you're carrying all your books and bags, because you don't even need to unlock your phone to see where your next class is, you just scroll down and there it is on your calendar!

What are your favorite apps?

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