How to feel more in tune with yourself

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In order to live a happier life, you have to attack it on all fronts. Everything that could be wasting your time unproductively has to be considered and improved. 
Being healthy is also about feeling good about yourself. If you often find yourself worrying, having ambitions that you think you never will achieve or you've become resigned to the fact that all life has to give you is work and a hard time, this is for you. 

Life is tough and it doesn't always let you achieve everything you want. But the right mindset is the first step to correcting that. That is the idea behind this whole exercise, if we might call it that.

Leave the negativity behind...

If you want to do more with your life, then you need to learn to let go of all the noise and all the negativity and begin to focus on the good things and the qualities you do have (as opposed to the ones you don't) and how you can hone those and make something better for yourself.

The New Year Resolutions are a start. They're a basic list of goals that will help you focus on what really are the important things in your life. From then on, you should make a game plan of how you're going to achieve those things and integrate it into your daily life (read more about this). 

Try a journal!

A great tool to feel more attuned to yourself is a journal. You might think that writing a journal is what kids do, but it really is good to write down your goals, plans and feelings, especially if you feel like this is something you don't want to talk to anyone about. Writing things down is also a good way of forcing yourself to put your thoughts into words and understanding what you really want from your life. 
Also, if you embark on this journey of change, it'll feel great to list all the lovely things you've been doing lately at the end of the day!
You can do this on a physical journal or a virtual one - there are plenty out there that provide you a private writing place. A few examples are: Penzu, Journalate, GoodNightJournal, DayOne. Or you can just use a blog, but keep it private (or not, if you so choose). There are also a few journal apps that come as an extension for your browser (just search on your app store).

If you're having trouble feeling positive, you should try this browser app - Bliss, the gratitude journal. This is basically a series of short writing exercises that really make you focus on the important things in life and realize that, after all, you have things to feel grateful about. 

All in all, improving your life is a journey and you have to take it step by step. Little things you change can make you feel more fulfilled, but what is essential is to have the right mindset: feeling like you can achieve more.

Be happy!

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